FOSD 2014 - Dagstuhl - 04.05.-07.05.

FOSD Meeting 2014

Schloss Dagstuhl, 04. May - 07.May


The FOSD meeting is (an informal) workshop with in the field fo software development for variability-rich software systems and feature-oriented software development (FOSD). The main goal of the meeting is to foster intensive discussions around the aforementioned topics in an interactive way. As such, it provides a unique platform for lively discussions and fruitful collaborations.

In particular, the FOSD meeting is designed for undergraduate (Bachelor, Master) and graduate (PhD) students to provide a platform for presenting and discussing their research topics. As a result, students get valuable feedback about their research, insights in related research topics, and lots of opportunities to initiate collaboration with other researchers.

In 2014, we organize the sixth meeting within the FOSD series. The initial meeting took place in Passau in 2009. Afterwards, meetings took place at different locations, namely in Magdeburg (2010), Dresden (2011), Braunschweig (2012), and Dagstuhl (2013).


This year, the meeting is organized by Sandro Schulze (TU Braunschweig), Sven Apel (Universität Passau), and Christian Kästner (Carnegie Mellon University).

As usual at Dagstuhl, full board (food & accommodation) is provided for 55 Euro (double room) or 70 Euro (single room) per person (and night). Hence, the total costs are 165 Euro (double room) and 210 Euro (single room), respectively. The bill has to be paid by each participant on the day of departure at the local staff.
Note:Due to limited number of single rooms, it might be necessary that some of the participants share a room.

For more information, including how to travel to Schloss Dagstuhl, see the respective web pages:


During the meeting, each participant is supposed to give a presentation about her current research. The presentation may contain current achievements and results, but it is even more desirable to focus on emerging ideas and ongoing work, since this stimulates discussions and usually comes with valuable feedback. Each participant has a slot of 30 minutes with 15 minutes for presentation and discussion, respectively.

Dagstuhl provides only limited space, so we needed to select participants. This year, we alloted space for 32 participants that have already been informed. In case of particulare cancelations, we maintain a waiting list with candidates we couldn't invite initially due to limited space.

List of participants:

surname name university
Abal Iago ITU Copenhagen
Al-Hajjaji Mustafa U Magdeburg
Apel Sven U Passau
Benduhn Fabian U Magdeburg
Berger Thorsten U Waterloo
Bürdek Johannes U Darmstadt
Cafeo Bruno PUC Rio
Chen Sheng Oregon State
Erwig Martin Oregon State
Fenske Wolfram U Magdeburg
Gollasch David U Dresden
Hunsen Claus U Passau
Kästner Christian CMU
Kolesnikov Sergiy U Passau
Kramer Dean Middlesex University
Leßenich Olaf U Passau
Lettner  Daniela JKU Linz
Lillack Max U Leipzig
Lochau Malte U Darmstadt
Medeiros Flavio  UF Alaogoas
Nadi Sarah U Waterloo
Schulze Sandro U Braunschweig
Seidl Christoph TU Dresden
Siegmund Norbert U Passau
Stanciulescu Stefan ITU Copenhagen
Teixeira Leopoldo UF Pernambuco
Thüm Thomas U Magdeburg
Vale Tassio UF de Bahia
von Rhein Alexander U Passau
Wille David U Braunschweig
Winkelmann Tim U Braunschweig
Zhang Bo U K'Lautern


9-10.30 a.m. Arrival Session 2: Feature Interactions
  • I.Abal
  • B.Cafeo
  • S.Kolesnikov
Session 6:Testing & Reliability
  • M.Al-Hajjaji
  • J.Bürdek
  • A.Grebhahn
Session 10:Feature Models
  • T.Berger
  • M.Erwig
  • D.Gollasch
10.30-10.50 a.m. Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10.50-12.20 p.m. Session 3: SPL Maintenance & Quality
  • M.Lochau
  • Bo Zhang
  • W.Fenske
Session 7: SPL Evolution
  • C.Hunsen
  • T.Winkelmann
  • D.Lettner
Session 11: Variability-Aware Analysis II
  • T.Thüm
  • S.Schulze
  • Wrap-up & Closing (includes Tool name award)
12.20-2.00 p.m. Lunch Lunch Lunch
2-3.30 p.m. Session 4: Reverse Engineering
  • M.Lillack
  • D.Wille
  • C.Kästner
Session 8: Implementation of SPLs
  • S.Chen
  • T.Vale
  • O.Leßenich
3.30-4 p.m. Coffee Break Dagstuhl photo Coffee Break
4-6 p.m. Session 1 (starts at 4.30)
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Introductory round
  • N. Siegmund
  • F. Medeiros
Session 5:Variability-Aware Analysis I
  • C.Seidl
  • S.Stanciulescu
  • S.Nadi
  • S.Apel
Session 9: Specification & dynamic SPLs
  • F.Benduhn
  • D.Kramer
  • A.von Rhein
6-open end Dinner :-) Afterwards, you can spend your time as you want. This is the time where you can come together, discuss topics of your interest, initiating a hackathon, and more. Whatever you do, it is all about collaboration. Just enjoy the unique atmosphere of Dagstuhl and the FOSD meeting 2014!
Oh...and we probably have a small sports event at one of the evenings :-)

Presentation Slides

The Venue -- Schloss Dagstuhl

Schloss Dagstuhl is widely recognized for their renowned Dagstuhl Seminar series. With its friendly and open climate at the conference center, it promotes a culture of communication and exchange among the seminar participants.

FOSD CoolWall

Back in 2010, we discovered that researcher are likely to give their tools uninspired names that already indicate that it will never go beyond a prototypical status. But being honest, a researcher's life is too short to waste time and blood for tools with seriously uncool names. Hence, we founded the initiative for cooler tool names. In its very essence, we not only asked people at each FOSD meeting to think about more than a second for finding an appropriate (and cool!!) name for their tool. We also put each tool name on the FOSD Tool Name Cool Wall, inspiredby the british TV series Top Gear. You can see the result below ;-)

Additionally, since 2013, we also provide an award for the coolest tool name. Each participant is allowed vote for her favorite and at the end, we summarized the results, leading to the winning tool Ötzi from Olaf Lessenich.

We will keep this tradtion up in 2014. Hence, think twice about your tool name!!


Responsible for contact and maintenance: Sandro Schulze (sanschul [at]