Accepted Papers

We are happy to announce that the following papers have been accepted to SEFM 2018.

  • Monte Carlo Tree Search for Finding Costly Paths in Programs
    Kasper Luckow, Corina Pasareanu and Willem Visser 
  • Automated validation of IoT device control programs through domain-specific model generation
    Yunja Choi
  • Exploring properties of a telecommunication protocol with message delay using interactive theorem prover
    Mats Carlsson, Catherine Dubois, Olga Grinchtein and Justin Pearson
  • From Software Specifications to Constraint Programming
    Stefan Hallerstede, Miran Hasanagic, Sebastian Krings, Peter Gorm Larsen and Michael Leuschel
  • Spread the Work: Multi-threaded Safety Analysis for Hybrid Systems
    Stefan Schupp and Erika Abraham
  • Facilitating Component Reusability in Embedded Systems with GPUs
    Gabriel Campeanu
  • Program Verification for Exception Handling on Active Objects using Futures
    Crystal Chang Din, Rudolf Schlatte and Tzu-Chun Chen
  • Formal Verification of Platoon Control Strategies
    Adnan Rashid, Umair Siddique and Osman Hasan
  • FastLane is Opaque – A Case Study in Mechanized Proofs of Opacity
    Gehard Schellhorn, Heike Wehrheim and Jürgen König
  • Prevent: a predictive run-time verification framework using statistical learning
    Reza Babaee, Arie Gurfinkel and Sebastian Fischmeister
  • A Cloud-based Execution Framework for Program Analysis
    Daniel Balasubramanian, Dmitriy Kostyuchenko, Kasper Luckow, Rody Kersten and Gabor Karsai
  • Online Enumeration of All Minimal Inductive Validity Cores
    Jaroslav Bendík, Elaheh Ghassabani, Michael Whalen and Ivana Cerna
  • Cross-Architecture Lifter Synthesis
    Rijnard van Tonder and Claire Le Goues
  • Automated Specification Extraction and Analysis with Specstractor
    Christoph Schulze, Rance Cleaveland and Mikael Lindvall
  • Counterexample Simplification for Liveness Property Violation
    Gianluca Barbon, Vincent Leroy and Gwen Salaün
  • Graph-Based Shape Analysis Beyond Context-Freeness
    Hannah Arndt, Christina Jansen, Christoph Matheja and Thomas Noll